Thursday, May 5, 2011

Spring has Sprung

It's been a busy few weeks but on the upside it looks as though we may finally be in for spring in Alberta. The weather has been double digits all week, the spring rains are threatening to come but it is a nice change to have the snow finally gone! Last week Addie and I visited the plastic surgeon about what we were told was a skin tag on her right ear, only to learn from the surgeon that it is just an extra bit of skin. He informed us that when we are formed in the womb the ear is formed by 6 little bits of skin and Addie just has one extra piece she did not need that will be easily removed. He was very friendly and reassured us that he will try to coordinate that surgery with her hip surgery. He said it should not cause any discomfort and will leave a tiny white scar where he removes the bit of skin. Good news! We also finally received our surgery date, they originally booked it for June 14th, but a few days later rescheduled for June 21st. As that date draws closer I am getting more and more worried about how Addison will deal with the cast. In the past few weeks she has really started trying to move! She is kicking her legs like crazy and has even started rolling to one side. I am afriad that the more mobile she gets, the more difficult it will be for her to put up with the cast! I just keep telling myself that it could be much worse and at least this is something they can fix...and that she really won't remember a thing once all is said and done! Hoping to get her outside more and more in the coming weeks, she took her first stroll in the stroller without crying all the way through it last week...I am going to make her an outdoor babe yet!