Sunday, October 21, 2012

Busy Bee

Where did the summer go? Can't believe it but Addie is now almost 20 months and she is doing great. She has been out of her brace since August. We visited her surgeon again in June and did not get the news we had hoped for that she was 100%. The right hip is normal now but that pesky left hip is still a bit shallow so she continued wearing her brace during the day and was able to sleep without it at  night until August. Since September she has been completely unrestrained...which has been amazing. She is now running around like a crazy woman and to look at her you would never know she had an issue with those hips. She is just thriving and is such a busy toddler I can hardly remember what it was like to have her in a cast!

We are due to head back to the Stollery here in Edmonton in December for another X-ray to check that left hip. Addie's surgeon told us that now that she is walking around that is when her hips and bones will really start to develop. So hopefully all this running around will help that left hip to deepen. If the December X-ray is not showing her hip at 100% we will be potentially looking at another more invasive surgery. For now, we just enjoy watching her run and are hoping that left hip smartens up and gets itself sorted out.