Sunday, January 22, 2012

Another Step Forward

such a little personality
It's been so long since I last posted but the holidays just seemed to have sidetracked everything, it was so much fun spending Addie's first Christmas with friends and family! On December 19 we took Addie in for her 3 month check with our orthopedic surgeon and we were very nervous about it! We were just hoping to come away with good news on those pesky hips. They took her in for her x-ray and when Dr. Dulai came to chat with us she said that the results were not terrible but not great either. On the positive side Addie's right hip is now in p,ace and looking good but her left hip is still not great. In the end Dr. Dulai asked that we keep Addie in her brace around the clock except for feeding and bathing...and added another 3 months to her brace assignment which means that instead of being brace free by her first birthday she will be in it now until she is at least 16 months old. So...we wait some more! I think this is a very common story for those with hip babies...just when you think the end is near, the journey continues.

Addison is doing great despite it all. The increased time in her brace has not held her back in the slightest. She is rolling, crawling and occasionally even trying to stand in the Ilfeld. It is amazing how fast she can move in it...and the best part of it all is that she is just as happy and vibrant as she ever was.