Thursday, April 14, 2011

Spring in Alberta

View of our street this morning...YUK!

Just when things were looking up...we get MORE snow! Addie and I took a trip down to the farm yesterday for a visit with grandma and grandpa B only to awake this morning to a blizzard. That's right, I said it - a blizzard on April 14th, a time when flowers are blooming in most of the rest of civilization! Grandma and grandpa were quite worried about Addie and I making the trip back to Edmonton this morning, but when you live in Alberta you just have to learn to drive in ridiculous weather conditions. We made it safe and sound, time to put the rubber boots back in the closet and retrieve the uggs for a little more use...<UG!>

Addie loves snuggling with grandpa

Addison had lots of fun with grandma and grandpa, she is really loving being free from that harness, evidenced by how much leg kicking is going on! She is also reallly loving the fact that she can take a daily bath now (her most favourite thing in the world!). She could be in a right fit, but put her in the tub and she quiets right down and starts cooing. She started smiling last week and this week her face just beams when you talk to her, it is very cute.

All snuggly in her warm towel after her bath

No surgery date has been booked yet, we went for our six week check up yesterday and the doc said she is doing great, growing well and meeting all her milestones save for those bum hips! She has started already at 6 weeks old to try and roll a bit, which scared grandma this morning! The doctor is going to check with the Stollery to see if they can do two surgeries on her at once, she was also born with a bit of a skin tag on her right ear that they want to surgically remove, so if she has to go under for her closed reduction why not see if they can't kill two birds with one stone! Once they have that sorted out, we should get a surgery date and be able to start planning for that. On the bright side, she will be so distracted by the spica cast following surgery she won't even notice her ear, although they have reassured us that the surgery on the skin tag shouldn't hurt her at all. I hope this weather improves so we can spend some time outdoors with Addie before her surgery...let's face it, we are all ready for winter in Alberta to be over!

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