Monday, June 20, 2011

The big day is upon us

Can't believe that the surgery day is here already. Seems like the time has just rushed by us! Addison turned 4 months old over the weekend and she has developed such a little personality. She delights us every day with her giggles and smiles and her quirky little personality. Her dad and I have been snuggling her like crazy in the days leading up to her surgery. She has been getting spoiled this week with a bath in the big people tub with her daddy every night, which she just loves. I think she is definitely going to be a water lover like her dad. Her closed reduction is happening at the Stollery Children's Hospital here in Edmonton tomorrow morning at 10:30 am, they have indicated that the surgery will take us about an hour and a half if all goes well. They will be putting her under, injecting dye into her hip joints and then will be trying to place them back in their respective sockets manually. If her ligaments are tight, the surgeon has indicated that they may need to make a few minor incisions in her groin area to get her hips placed correctly. Following all that she will be put in a spica cast (basically a body cast with a little cut-out area for diapering) for up to three months. The morning following the surgery they will be doing an MRI to see if her hips remained in place, if so, the cast will stay on, if not they will remove it and she will undergo actual surgery once she is 6 months old and have to endure the spica cast at that point. We are really hoping that this procedure works as it will not interfere with her crawling development. Overall, we are just so happy that she is healthy and thriving in every other way. She is just a delight...fingers crossed that tomorrow's surgery will be better than we anticipate!

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