Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Final Week of Spica-dom

Our little beanie baby - playing the day away
I can hardly believe it has been three months of spica already! On the other hand it has felt like forever. I can't remember my little girl pre-cast...and I am certain that she doesn't remember life before spica. Can't believe that September is here already! Where has the summer gone? Oh - that's right, Addie and I spent the majority of it in the basement and strolling air conditioned shopping malls. Needless to say I am very happy that Addie's cast will be off soon (or at least we hope it will be!). We are not entirely sure what will happen at our upcoming appointment next Monday...but we are hoping for cast removal and brace fitting all in one day. And if the universe is really cooperating with us, perhaps we will even be able to get a brace that we can take off for short periods to bathe and change her...and we would feel like we won the lottery if she didn't have to wear the brace for too long! I suspect, however, that they will want her in the brace for another 3 months...and I guess that kinda makes sense. Why go through all of this and take the risk that the hips could slip out again?

Her favourite place - in her handy sitt chair surrounded by toys

Her second favourite activity - eating in her handy sitt chair!

Addie has been doing great lately, except for the past few days it seems that she has caught a cold and perhaps (it is so hard to tell!) really begun teething. She fusses when we try to feed her, and is chewing very aggressively, has a runny nose, the sniffles and is just generally a little more cranky than usual...very unlike our happy-go-lucky baby. So, I hope that if it is a cold it goes away fast and that if it is a tooth...it pops through very very soon so we can all resume regular sleep cycles in this house! Thank goodness for her new kermit the frog toy...the ONLY thing that would soothe her last night.

Showing kermie who's the boss!
In other news, we have been using a loaner carseat from the Stollery Children's Hospital here in Edmonton, where Addie had her surgery and we were told way back that once the cast comes off, we will need to return that...so, in anticipation of that, we have purchased a new carseat for her. We were so happy with the Britax Hippo that we purchased the Britax Advocate for her to ride in from now on. It is a convertible carseat that will work both rear and forward facing until she is 65lbs...she has gotten so long during the last three months that we were certain her little infant carrier was no longer going to do, and because it is a bucket seat, it certainly won't fit her if she is going into any kind of brace! So...the carseat arrived today via FedEx and tonight we will see if hubby can get it installed and maybe take her for her first ride in it! We tried it out in a local shop here in town, but ordered it online (much cheaper!)...so we are pretty confident she will fit!

Addie's new ride - in pink, of course!

You would never know she had a cast!
We are hoping she likes it because in just over two weeks we are taking a very long road trip with her to Park City, Utah for a little r and r for the whole family! If she doesn't like this carseat...that is going to be one LONG car trip!

We are almost there little girl, one more week and those legs will be movin'!


  1. What an exciting day for you all!! I am counting down the days til our little lady is free to kick around (and crawl!) again

  2. Yes! We are anxiously anticipating the cast removal day. We are not entirely sure it will be coming off as we have very little information about the appointment itself, and every time we call for clarification we don't seem to get any information. So, hopefully it is coming off and we can all move on to the next steps!

  3. We're keeping our fingers crossed that the cast comes off! You guys have a great relaxing time in Utah!