Sunday, September 25, 2011

Moving Right Along

It's been almost a week since Addie had her cast removed and she is doing so great. I was a little bit worried when I first saw the Ilfeld brace as it looks pretty silly and I wondered how anyone could stand wearing such a contraption for 20 hours a day. Needless to say our little girl has just taken it all in stride, just like everything else she has had to endure these last months.
Our brave little girl enjoying some tummy time, cast and brace free

As luck would have it, the week Addie got her cast off has been great due to the Indian summer we are experiencing. So our little girl has finally got to enjoy some sunshine! With the 4 hours of free time we have each day from the brace we try to give Addie as much play time as we can. When we lay her on the floor without her brace she just has a great time kicking away and trying to roll herself around. She is doing great to lay on her tummy and keep her head up, she loves to roll from her tummy to her back and back onto her side trying to reach the toys spread out around her. She plays like that as long as we let her, and she just has a ball.

Just loving her tummy time

We have also been giving her baths, which is such a treat for her dad and I to watch her splash around in the tub. We were so happy to find that she still loved her bathtime, it had been so long since she had had a bath we were not too sure how she would handle that, but sure enough, as soon as we put her in the tub she was splashing and giggling like crazy, just having the best time.

Splish splash Addie still loves her bath
We are still a bit nervous with her legs and hips when she is out of the brace, afraid of dislodging them and having to go through the whole operation and casting ordeal again. I think that is probably how parents of all spica kids feel. Addie's dad is going to call the surgeon this week to just double and triple check that we don't need to be concerned about this. We have kept her out of her baby carrier and the jolly jumper until we talk more with the surgeon...but all in all she is doing great.
So happy to kick those little legs, finally!

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