Sunday, August 21, 2011

A Good Night's Sleep

Well, as Addison nears her 6 month birthday we decided it was time for our little sparkle to move into her own room (and out of mom and dad's - hooray!). Until she was 4 months old, she slept with us in our bed...and made a very good little warmer! Once her cast went on we moved her to her playard bassinet that was located right beside our bed. Last week we decided to make the big transition. We figured this might make for a few cranky nights of her feeling abandoned and alone...but we were wrong! Last week I laid her down in her crib, head and torso propped up with a crib wedge and lots of blankets to make her bed a little more comfy as she can't reposition herself at night...and to my surprise she not only went right to sleep, she had a two hour nap! Success! So that very night we put her in her crib and she slept really well, only waking once, around 4 am for a bottle. So this was the real test, would she go back to sleep after her bottle and change, or would she lay awake wondering where the heck she was? Again...she went right back to sleep.

Hubby and I were so impressed with the independence our little girl was showing, but at the same time we are both a little melancholy because it just means she is getting older and we so desperately want to hang onto our little baby. She is so happy in her new room that for the past three nights, she has slept 12 hours straight, no early wakings. Her dad and I, meanwhile, are still waking up in the middle of the it seems we are the ones with transition problems as we are still trying to get used to it! The first night she slept all the way through her dad woke up in a panic, asking "Is she still breathing up there?". When you are used to having her right next to your  bed, it does take a little getting used to!

Last night I was watching her from the baby monitor set up in our bedroom, and I noticed that the poor thing still tries to turn over onto her side in the middle of the night but the cast keeps her firmly anchored on her back. However, it seems she has figured out a work around, she simply turns her torso to the side, inserts the thumb into her mouth and sleeps, half twisted, blissfully unaware that the cast is anchoring her down.

So after all we heard about how hard it is going to be to get her sleeping in her own crib after having her co-sleep with us it turns out we have disproven that in the last week! As for our worries of her feeling abandoned and alone by putting her in her own room... it looks like we are the ones left feeling abandoned and alone...while she sleeps peacefully in her big girl bed in her big girl room.

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