Monday, August 8, 2011

Just to add to the fun!

Addison has begun, we think, to start teething! Poor baby. She just got her second cast on and now she is gumming everything she can get her hands on. She is dealing with it pretty well, but by evenings we have noticed that she has become fussier than usual! We are trying to relieve her sore gums by offering her lots of different options from cold teething rings, to frozen bagels, to ice cubes made of apple juice. I am learning to watch myself, because whatever comes near her these days is going in her mouth and getting a good gnawing.

enjoying an apple juice ice cube

We tried the baby mum mum cookies everyone has been telling me about but I am not too keen on those. They disintegrate immediately and I am so paranoid of her choking on a bit that I have discontinued using them with her until she gets the hang of big people food! I have scoured the grocery stores for a thicker teething biscuit, but alas cannot find one that I am not afraid will end up choking her to death!

Last night she was so fussy at bed time we ended up giving her a bit of tylenol and resorting to the vacuum. A trick we learned in those early sleepless nights! Seems that Addison is soothed by the sound of a vacuum cleaner, so on it went last night to lull her to sleep. I am happy and sad that she is teething. Happy because that means soon she will be chewing and we will be moving to more solid foods (other than banana, which is her favourite...well, actually the ONLY food she will eat). Sad because we love her toothless grin! It just will not be the same when a few choppers pop through! I guess that is what parenting is all about... rejoicing in their growth and learning, but lamenting the speed by which they grow up.

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