Thursday, August 25, 2011

Happy Half-Birthday Angel!

Addison's big debut - just a few hours old
This week marks Addie's half-birthday! We can hardly believe how quickly the time has passed. In those six months our little bean has survived the scare of a possible blood infection, a pavlik harness, has almost (fingers crossed) done her full term in her spica cast...and despite all of that has grown into quite a little personality whose smile melts your heart and whose mere presence can light up a room.

1 month old - very sleepy!

On the more fun side, she is the smiliest baby around, giggles when we make funny faces at her or talk her language to her. She blows raspberries constantly, loves her hello kitty doll, her sophie the giraffe and will chew on anything you put in front of her. She likes to spend time in her crib, surrounded by all her stuffed animals with whom she holds court - chatting away as though telling them what her latest and greatest discoveries have been. She has a rainbow maker in her room that just transfixes her every day at 5 o'clock when it lights up her room with little floating rainbows from floor to ceiling. 
2 months old - more alert!

She LOVES bananas but is not crazy about mangos, peaches, avacados or pretty much anything that is NOT a banana. Recently she decided that grandma's homemade apple sauce was ok too! Our little one has almost been weaned and relishes a good bottle of formula. She is finally starting to get some tufts of hair - even a little tiny bit counts, right? She loves her Treehouse cartoons - especially Guess with Jess and Dora the Explorer. She has started to get a little shy with the men in her life, but then on other days has all the smiles in the world for them. 

3 months old

Nobody is as good as her daddy. If he comes home from work and doesn't immediately interact with her, she gives it to him good by screaming at him until he gives her his undivided attention. 

4 months old - just before her surgery

4 months old - days following her surgery

She is so curious about everything around her. She loves being outside and particularly enjoys watching the leaves of trees rustle in the wind. She goes on long walks with her mom and dad in her baby bjorn carrier and delights at the world around her by offering small little coos of acknowledgement and approval. She is definitely an animal person and gets such entertainment out of watching the antics of her dog, Finn, and her cat, Furious.

5 months - only has eyes for daddy
Above all else, she is the joy of our life and continues to amaze us every day with how brilliant she shines. She is an inspiration to us and is the bravest girl we know. We love you angel and can't wait to see what the next 6 months with you in our lives will bring.

Happy half birthday angel!

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